Why Healthcare Startups need a dedicated


The eventual adoption ofAgile Methodology as the present reality of Software Development Life Cycle,has allowed us to create a system that’s event driven and feedback occurs almost instantaneously. Thereby, increasing the engineering efficiencies and allowing the development team to work in an aligned, optimized and accurate way.

All these attributes are even more necessary for a Healthcare startup which iscontinuously scaling as the feedback keeps on increasing and new patient information is continuously being fed. Engineering teams for a Medtech company need insight and intelligence to support sustainable development and aligned business decisions.

A few of the challenges faced by a Healthcare Startup are :

1. Growing customer base while the technology used is not up to date.

2. Integration with various EMRs and acquiring companies assets

3. Resistance to move the data to the cloud and still dependent on “on premise”infrastructure that is hard to maintain and scale.

4. Lack of Data scientists to take advantage of the collected data and performadvanced analytics on it.

5. Lack of support to encourage timely innovation.

While the above mentioned challenges are quite common and recurring, one caneasily solve for this by building scalable software teams for Healthcare Startups. To start with, one mustfocus on engineering efficiency and partner with the right group of people who have the subject matter expertise, follow a data driven agile methodology, experience in working with cloud technologies, work on a data-driven Agile approach and continuously work on the incoming feedback with an experienced leadership in place. One major consequence that should be really noted is how an agile data driven software development starts off by increasing engineering efficiency — i.e., improvements to process — but what it really supports is a better team and peer-to-peer collaboration.


When you are ready with such a team, you willhave the capability to translate your medtech startup to greater visibility andefficiency. 


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